Our level of expertise far exceeds some employers’ human resources departments. Rummage Staffing Solutions provide services that rival the best qualified recruiters and employment at a lower cost.


Lower costs associated with hiring adequate staff to recruit applicants. Because Rummage Staffing Solutions manage the entire employment process, we relieve employers of costs related to pre-employment testing, background investigations and drug screening.


We serve a large network of available workers than do many employers. We have relationships with workers they’ve already identified as dependable, reliable and conscientious and who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days, or even hours. Our network is broad which we can tap potential employees who can fill any position an employer might have or anticipate.


Retention is very important. We observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits before offering the temporary worker a job. This can cut down on turnover once the trial period is complete and both the employee and employer are satisfied the job is a good fit.

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