How Rummage Staffing Solutions Works

You can apply to specific jobs that interest you through our Rummage Staffing Solutions’ application process, or you can simply contact us and we will match you with positions you qualify for, through our modern employment match system. We interview qualified job seekers and place them in great positions with reputable employers. 

If the company decides to hire the job seeker permanently, we will no longer pay the temporary employee. The employee will instead become a permanent employee of the company and therefore be paid by the company.

Jobseeker Benefits

There are many benefits to using Rummage Staffing Solutions to find a job. Some benefits include:

You do not have to pay to be considered for jobs at our agency.

When you sign up to partner with Rummage Staffing Solutions, we ask you about your skills and experience and let you know if we have a job that might be a good fit for you. You can also search for posted jobs on our internal job site, it’s an easy and convenient way to find job openings.
Our Staffing service specializes in almost all industries. You can find different types of jobs within Rummage Staffing Solutions. Jobs range from seasonal, very short-term positions (as little as a couple of weeks) to permanent positions.
Rummage Staffing Solutions offer benefits after employees have worked a certain number of days or hours. These benefits may include health insurance, a retirement plan, or even tuition reimbursement (or all three).

We provide you with feedback throughout the job application process. Our professional talent finders will offer you tips on how to revise your resume or provide advice on how to successfully interview. This kind of free feedback is invaluable!

Temporary Jobs

Companies look to Rummage Staffing Solutions for temporary hires to help during an employee’s absence or period of leave, or to provide additional staffing during a busy work period. Sometimes companies hire temporary workers to complete a particular project. Our temporary jobs range in length from a couple of days to extended months.

Temp-to-Hire Jobs

Also known as temp-to-perm jobs, these positions begin as temporary jobs so that the hiring company can get to know the employee on a trial basis. Then, if the company is satisfied with the employee’s work and would find them an asset to their team, they will likely hire the individual directly.

Temp-to-Hire Jobs

We hire candidates for permanent positions for many companies. In these situations, Rummage works more like a traditional recruiter, finding, interviewing, and selecting candidates for the hiring company.

Rummage is the right Staffing Solution for you.

We are a respected and reputable staffing firm. When you interview with our staff, feel free to ask questions. Ask about what benefits we offer. Do not be afraid to gather all the information you need!

We have workshops to help you develop skills. We also help you with your resume and cover letter.

Keep in mind that you never have to pay for our service. We are paid by the employing company.

Why Us

With Rummage Staffing Solutions, you have a partner in your job search. We’ll coach you, advise you and offer solutions to your employment obstacles.

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